Benefits of reading the Bible

Dear Friends, following on the talk of “Ezra” at Oikos, who loved God’s Word and encouraged the people to know it I am sending you a section of a talk which will remind us of the benefits of reading the Bible.

we must earnestly ask God to refresh our spiritual life. When our spiritual life is dry, we have little or no desire to read the Bible. When we try reading it, we quickly get bored and tired. When we pray, we feel as if our prayers reach as high as the ceiling and then bounce back to us as empty words. We lose interest in the things of God and the things of the world excite us more than God. But the Word of God can transform our spiritual life to become one that is vibrant and alive.

So this is what we must do: We must water our spiritual life continuously with the Word of God. Like a pot of dry soil, when you water it the first time, the soil will just absorb the water. But as you continue watering it, the soil will soon be saturated with water. Likewise, we must continually water our soul with the Word of God daily, until our life is saturated with His Word.

“Then, the Word of God will become a delight to you. The words you speak to others as you encourage and affirm others will be edifying. The Lord desires for us to spur each other on in the faith, to help those who are weak, to encourage the downhearted, and also to rejoice and celebrate with others the goodness of God and His favor upon His people.

“If we do this, we will not be the way we were. Remember this quote:

Spirituality cannot be obtained in an hour of emergency, it is only proved then.

Indeed, spirituality cannot be transferred or downloaded. True spirituality is the outward expression of an inward change that has taken place deep within the soul of one whose life is saturated with the Word and love of God.


God bless, Goldie


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